Luxury Ocean Cruises

Luxury Ocean Cruises are a great means of luxury travel with some fantastic benefits. They make it easy to visit several places in a single trip without the hassle of packing and unpacking; they enable easy access to virtually every continent on earth; and they are the epitome of luxury travel.

For those who have not experienced the joys of luxury cruising, imagine your favourite five star resort. Now, picture waking up each morning and finding your resort has arrived as another exotic or sun-drenched location – all without the challenges of international air travel. Add to that attentive service and you get the picture of what it is like to travel on a luxury cruise.

As for ship facilities, all luxury ships have at least one swimming pool and comfortable deck chairs aplenty. Cruise ship entertainment includes: comedians, Vegas style musical shows, magicians, new release movies, etc. Most ships have a complete gym and some ships now offer putting greens, golf simulators, and basketball/tennis courts. For travellers who enjoy a bit of pampering, extensive spa facilities are available on all cruise ships.

All luxury cruise ships have high guest to staff ratios – to ensure discrete attentive service and response to your every whim and need. You also find luxury cruises have greater private space for guests, greater numbers of tables for two as well as on-board hosts to ensure all women guests never are in need of a dance partner to dance the night away.

A daily roster of activities is planned for each ship. These might include art auctions, cooking schools, lectures, language lessons, book clubs, arts and crafts, plus much more.

All ships have extensive libraries to while away the hours in comfortable chairs enjoying great novels and non-fiction books.

With regards to food, luxury cruises have exceptional dining choices. You can choose to dine at the main dining room, or one of the more exclusive speciality restaurants on board ship. There are also a number of coffee shops and juice bars on most ships to help cater to those needing high tea or a latte.

Cabins on luxury cruises tend to be generously proportioned, with multi-room suites available with private decks and balconies, exquisite bathrooms, lounge and bar areas, and your own private waiter.

When onshore, the shore excursions office offers a variety of sightseeing tours and activities such as cultural tours, snorkelling, museum tours and more, at each port of call.

Beginners Guide to Cruise Vacations on the High Seas

Cruising is normally a once in a life time experience. Even if it has become a budget friendly operating nowadays, it is not possible to go cruising all that often. Most of the people on a journey is really the first time travelers. There are so many things to know before you go on for you first cruise that a book can easily be written from it. Today we will briefly talk about a few things on how to get the best itinerary for the least amount.

Cruise pricing can range from $30 per person per day to $5000 per person per day. It all depends on your budget. You simply need to analyze your budget carefully and count the amount you have to sponsor your first ever cruise trip.

While selecting a cruise, get to know all the facilities that it has to offer. You may have to spend a little more if you are looking into buying luxuries on the cruise. Yet, your expenditure could be minimal if you learn how to make out the fullest possible itinerary from the least resources available. Best bet is to spend some time with your travel agent as they have probably gone on quite a few cruises.

The food and accommodations on every cruise is of good quality, so you don’t have to worry about eating and living expenses. However you may want to carry some of your favorite beverage containers, as beverages are expensive on a cruise. Carrying alcohol on the cruise is prohibited by the majority of cruise lines so make sure you read the rules and regulations carefully.

Going on a cruise doesn’t require specific and extensive shopping. Your daily wear clothes would be fine. However; keeping the night temperatures in mind you may need to carry some warm shawls or coats along with you. You may need some formal dress as well if you plan to attend elegant dinners and dances on the cruise.

Cruises specialize in a mixture of activities, from pulse-raising sports around golfing and exotic spa visits. The choice is ultimately yours. You may choose to take in the sun sitting calmly in a lounge chair or get yourself engaged in sports activities. It’s all about your vacation preference.